CERT In Kyrgyzstan

Our main function is to prevent and to decrease level of information security challenges for every user in KG part of Internet. We cooperate with local and international telco, authorities, public and private companies to achieve these goals. CERT.KG renders assistance in investigations and prevention of cyber-crime which are registered in Kyrgyz Republic.



We're open for cooperation with telecommunication companies for joint counteraction to threats of computer crime and network attacks.

Users and private companies

If you or your company need help of independent IS expertise; or if you become a victim of network attack, or you're involved in information security incident and you need technical assistance, contact us.


We cooperate with law enforcement or investigative authorities, state administration of Kyrgyz Republic, international CERTs and other companies in a field of computer and information security.

  • CERT.KG not authorized and not engaged in:

    investigating cases which are under responsibility of legal authorities. In these cases, please contact the regional offices SCNS or MIA;

    registering and responding to SPAM messages;

    closing network hosts, filtering addresses, denying access to domains, deleting content from sites and searching cyber criminals, etc.

  • CERT.KG responds and assists in following cases:

    which break local and international law or common informational security requirements

    which were received from trusted source and in case we have technical ability to check;

    without any obligations from CERT.KG. We guarantee the confidentiality of the information.

CERT.KG does not responsible for any mistakes, damages and other injuries, which have been made as a result of inadequate using of any information from CERT.KG

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    Deny of Service (DoS, DDoS)

    distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) cyber attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users.

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    An attack on Internet-connected system

    attempting to compromise the system by employing the vulnerabilities found through the vulnerability analysis

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    Scripting and distributing malware

    standalone malware self-replicating program that spreads by inserting copies of itself into other executable code or documents for variety of cyber crimes

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    Spoofing attack

    A spoofing attack involves one program, system or website that successfully masquerades as another by falsifying data and is thereby treated as a trusted system by a user or another program

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    A botnet is a number of Internet-connected computers communicating with other similar machines in an effort to complete repetitive tasks and objectives.


    Other cyber crimes


  • ГИИП

    Civil Initiative of Internet Policy
    Гражданская Инициатива Интернет Политики

    Public fund focused on issues in the field of legislative and regulatory reform of ICT policy


    Center of Informational Security

    An expert community specialized in information security audit, penetration testing, incident investigation.


    JSC «Kyrgyztelecom»

    National telecommunication company of terrestial telephony and countrywide data communications

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